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    When you need to raise-funds quickly, you need a lender who understands that speed and service are critical. With our funding partners, You could take advantage for lend from our funding partners, you can get easily under the company policies. In this case our decisions principle will be work fast. The An approach that caters for different property types and customer circumstances, including employed, self-employed, limited companies, LLPs, sole traders and partnerships.

    Looking for a bridging loan throughout the West Midlands area? Are you a home mover caught in the gap between selling one home and buying another? It can be a tricky situation but we can arrange a bridging loan as a cost-effective way to tide you over.

    A Bridging loan the UK is generally secured on a property or other assets of high value - meaning that the value of your asset is used to guarantee your loan. Payments are interested only, so your monthly repayments are lower as you are not paying back any of the bridging loan principal.

    On a short-term bridging loan interest rate will tend to be higher than paying mortgage. Long-term finance is unsuitable but highly useful and profitable for when you need funds fast.

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