Landlord & Tenant Responsibilities/Guidance In Birmingham, West Bromwich, Walsall – West Midlands

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    Landlord & Tenant Responsibilities / Guidance

    As a landowner, you may need to purchase an (Energy Performance Certificate). EPC for a property before you let it. The property should have a minimum rating on its EPC because it will be unlawful to rent any property which breaches this requirement with a penalty of up to £3,700.

    Landlords have a responsibility to limit unlawful immigrants accessing the non-public rented sector and they should ensure a tenant is lawfully allowed to reside within the UK. If a landowner will hire out a property to a tenant who doesn't have the right to rent, the penalty is an infinite fine and up to five years in jail.

    Your tenant should be given the landlord’s full name and address, or details of their letting agent. Your tenant should also receive a duplicate of the guide which provides a sensible recommendation concerning what to do before and through a let.

    Your landowner is answerable for repairing the common components of a building, like entrance halls, communal stairways and shared kitchens. Your property owner should put right any damage to internal decorations caused by repair issues they're answerable for or while repairs were distributed.

    Your residency agreement may say if your landowner is responsible for repairing or replacing faulty things or appliances they provided like a refrigerator or washer. Your landowner should do the repairs the law says they're responsible for, even if your agreement says one thing totally different.

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